No, not like a seltzer

Ready-To-Drink Cocktails

This award-winning twist on the classic mojito will exceed expectations and give you first date courage.

Savor our unique blend of lemongrass infused rum, real lime juice and natural mint. Kokomojito is crisp, fresh, lightly carbonated and sweetened with all natural cane sugar and agave. Enjoy a true cocktail experience with 10% ABV and no artificial flavors.


Our gold medal award-winning cocktail is exploding with tropical flavors. A handcrafted blend of guava, lychee and lemon juice sings like a siren alongside our jasmine tea infused rum. Mystique is lightly carbonated and features 10% ABV, all natural flavors and colors. Partake in a true cocktail experience that won’t give you that dreaded bloated feeling. It’s not a mystery any longer.


Our take on the classic saturn cocktail will delight you with crisp notes of black cherry, citrus and passionfruit alongside our very own artisan crafted gin. This award-winning cocktail contains real juice, all natural flavors and 10% ABV with a light carbonation. Meet Excitation - your new favorite gin beverage.

Afternoon Delight

One of our most unique creations, afternoon delight is a delicious spiced up version of the classic mule cocktail with our very own rum kick. The combination of citrus, maple, ginger and allspice can be enjoyed all year round. Feeling adventurous? This cocktail packs a punch with 10% ABV and is designed to be heated up and sipped like a hot toddy during those cooler months.