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  • Afternoon Delight

    Afternoon Delight

    Yes you read that right. One of our most unique creations, this combination of citrus, maple, ginger and allspice will have you dancing on the ceiling. Feeling really adventurous? Try this cocktail hot for those chilly cuddling moments.

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  • Kokomojito


    This is where it all started—famously coined by Mike Love himself. Our version of the classic Mojito delivers a smooth blend of lime and mint with a subtle hint of lemongrass. Those steel drums you hear are an added bonus.

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  • Excitation


    We might be big fans of the song ‘Kokomo’ but we lean into some “gin and juice” on this track. (Shout out to you know who). This fresh and crisp gin cocktail will surprise you with notes of black cherry, passionfruit and citrus and a healthy dose of ‘Good Vibrations.’

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  • Mystique


    You won’t believe your taste buds with this bright and shiny rum cocktail. Your daily serving of fruit in a can features the tropical flavors of guava and lychee finishing delicately alongside our jasmine tea infused rum. It won’t be a mystery any longer.

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Afternoon Delight and Kokomojito 4-packs
Excitation and Mystique 4-packs

What people are saying

“Thank you... may I have another one please?”

“Smooth, refreshing and delicious.”

“...the first canned cocktail I could actually taste the alcohol and it wasn’t too much either, was a nice balance between fruit and rum”

“So, where can I buy this?”

Get there fast, then take it slow
Mike Love

Crafted and produced in San Diego, California and founded by Mike Love of the Beach Boys, Club Kokomo Spirits focuses on providing consumers with a top shelf sensory visit to the islands of the Caribbean. Years ago Mike enjoyed a particularly well-made Mojito as he hummed the chorus of his co-authored hit song Kokomo. His penchant for wordplay took over as he uttered the word, “Kokomojito”. Ever since, Mike’s dream has been to share the spirit of Kokomo to the world. From that original state of mind to a present day reality, Welcome to Club Kokomo.

This idea of a vacation in a can is inspiring... a state of mind to get away from it all. Everybody knows a little place like Kokomo, [it] begins with one sip.”

MIKE LOVE, Founder

Our team’s shared enthusiasm for the history and craftsmanship of rum beverages and the culture that pours out of every bottle or can, reflects the essence of Kokomo, rooted in romance and the celebration of life, music, relaxation, and fun. If you close your eyes, and let your mind wander, you can hear the steel drums shimmering, the waves crashing and the wind rustling through the palms. For a moment, all is right with the world.

That sensation awaits you with our craft cocktails featuring award winning Seven Caves rum and gin, natural ingredients, and a blend of tropical flavors. Grab a glass of ice, pop the top, and share some laughs with friends and family. This is your moment to breathe deep and enjoy. Come away to the islands, where we’ll be waiting in spirit. It’s a vacation in a can.

Inspired by the Tropics • Crafted in San Diego • Designed for You • Join the Club

Geoff Longnecker

Hand crafted by our award-winning spirits formulator, Geoff Longenecker, We are excited to bring you rum and gin cocktails made with integrity and a true passion for the unique flavors and tropical inspiration of the Caribbean. Our entire cocktail lineup is made with natural juice, flavors and sugars - nothing artificial here. Each cocktail is also gluten free and features over 10% alcohol by volume. We will never waver on bringing you big flavor and big fun. Drink happily. Drink responsibly.

We never compromise on the quality of ingredients to make our superior craft cocktails. It’s truly a labor of love.”

GEOFF LONGENECKER, Partner | Head of Distillery Operations

To make this all possible and to ensure product quality and consistency, Club Kokomo uses award-winning spirits in every product. Both our rums and gins are designed and produced exclusively for us by our sister company and highly acclaimed artisan distillery in San Diego, California - Seven Caves Spirits. We will continue to serve up new craft cocktails coming soon and our master distiller is at the helm of our extensive flavor library. We are proud to work so closely with Geoff, and can’t wait to show you what lies ahead in Club Kokomo.

Visit to learn more about our distillery, our process and to schedule a tasting of some top shelf spirits.

Serve chilled or over ice
Made with award-winning spirits

Made with all natural flavors
Gluten free
Crafted in California
Geoff Longnecker


We can’t wait to build a community of like-minded friends like YOU who love good music, good food and good vibes.

More than just a canned cocktail, Club Kokomo is a community that grows bigger every day. Sharing your info with us will give you insider perks and the ability to influence our entire product line. Help us choose our next cocktail. Earn discounts. Join us for experiential events like tours of our Seven Caves Distillery, and who knows…maybe even a visit with Mike Love himself. You’ll also be the first to hear about our upcoming sponsored events, like The Beach Boys Cruise, only on Norwegian Cruise Lines. It’s gonna be a blast. Welcome to the Club.

All are welcome.

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